Thursday, January 8, 2009

AGMC cuts four veeps

AKRON GENERAL Medical Center has slashed its top executive staff with the dismissal of four vice-presidents,  with more staff cuts to come in February, I have learned from two sources familiar with the high-level shakeup.  "The vice presidents are out the door," one source told me. The move was said to have been prompted by a study of the huge hospital's administrative structure by a New England consulting firm specializing in "turnaround"  remedies for ailing companies.  The AGMC  indicated it was preparing a significant change in direction as early as last summer, when it reportedly offered to sell the hospital to Cleveland Clinic, a bid rejected by the clinic.  


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Any news on who the VP's are or is that privliged info? I know someone who used to work there and when things looked good elsewhere they said "Cya!" and they've been gone a while now.
Management has not been willing to work with the unions and it has been a headache for a while now.

Grumpy Abe said...

Not privileged information. Don't know who they are - or why. Thought the local media might follow up, but so far they haven't.