Monday, December 28, 2015

Stumping the Trump

When I was a kid in small-town Pennsylvania, I and my pals  would meet  in the field next  to my parents' home to roast potatoes until they were charred by the fire we had created  in a small hole.  Exciting, huh?

To make life more interesting when one of the boys didn't bring along his big-little book with naughty pictures, we entertained ourselves with tongue-twisters.   The one that has survived the ages with me is shown below, with a modern  update that substitutes the word  "skunk"  with "Trump".

A Trump sat on a stump.The Trump thunk the stump stunk and the  stump thunk the Trump stunk.
If the Trump thunk the stump  stunk and the stump thunk the Trump stunk, who stunk?  The Trump or the stump?

That's kind of how it's being going on the stump in the presidential campaign, don't you think?

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