Wednesday, December 23, 2015

At UA, classroom history may be something else

In this moment of  good cheer, I don't want to be the grump who mashed a potato or two.  But when I see a front page  headline in my hometown paper describing a bowl  victory by the Akron  Zips as making history in Idaho, the only thing that quickly comes to mind is the school's shrinking  history department.  There, the playing field is considerably  smaller in the new universe of Ohio's Polytechnic University .

I am told by a respectable campus source that the department  faculty is now down to 16 from a level of 24 - a one -third decline.     Deck  the halls!

Can you imagine the shrieks if the football team fielded only nine players instead of 11? That would be historic.  

I know it's blasphemous  for a casual college football fan like me, or anyody else,  to raise such  rhetorical non-academic questions . Maybe that small group of businessmen will   explain it in their next ad.  

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