Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's a GOP campaign without a DeWine switch?

With Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine, life is just one damn presidential candidate or another.  That much became clear in a  Plunderbund report that DeWine has again switched an endorsement for a GOP presidential contsender.

If you'll recall,  DeWine pulled the same stunt in 2112 and startled the planet when he switched from Mitt Romney to Rick Santorum in the heat of the GOP primary season.   It was a down moment for Mitt and served DeWine's ally, Summit County Republican chairman Alex Arshinkoff's need to join the parade by splashing Santorum into a big Republican county dinner, where Alex could boast that his poll determined Santorum to be the overwhelming favorite among the  guests.

It is now 2015, and DeWine isn't one to take chances.  So he's  now endorsed John Kasich and dumped  Santorum.  It it doesn't really matter except that we  spectators can always use another laugh to shield us from the madness of the Unsweet 16 season.

There was a time when DeWine was said to be energized with the thought of being the U.S. AG  under a Republican president.  Now, there's speculation that he's positioning himself to run as Kasich's successor in 2018. How cruel. That's a long time for the state's voters to wait for his contributons to their  welfare.

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