Friday, July 10, 2015

Kasich ship of state faces choppy waters

With Gov. Kasich's official coming-out party as a presidential candidate  arriving on July  21, you can expect more national media to apply stricter radar enforcement of the gallivanting  man who has so far been given a pass.  POLITICO has checked in this week, followed by a must-read report in Plunderbund by John Michael Spinelli.  Either definitive look at the Kasich era can serve as your guide to the 2016 presidential stampede.

The headline for Spinelli's dissection is a clear guidepost of every
thing that follows:
"Visionless, Kasich Retreats to Outdated, Deceptive DC Resume of Kasich's Political History"
(A salient note in Spinelli's account is that the lastest North Carolina PPP poll  casts him with former New York Gov. George Pataki at one per cent.  The GOP's nemesis,  Donald Trump, leads the pack there at 16 per cent!)

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