Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bouquets still in fashion at UA

Today's follow-up questions in the wake of the Monday morning University of Akron Board of Trustees  somber epitaph for the staff:

Why do people at the top  hurry to  purr once they have barked?   I'm thinking of President Scott Scarborough's words to the Beacon Journal, which had long been silent about the crises since Scarborough 's announcement weeks ago that the axe would fall.

He said  he planned to have conversations with everyone who was laid off because "it's the only right and fair thing to do to show them the respect and courtesy they  deserve".
Oh?  How does that square with the weeks of painful waiting by the staff to learn of their fate?

But life goes on.   UA trucks were seen at the president's house this week  with crews planting flowers. The gardeners, at least,  are safe.

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