Monday, March 2, 2015

The multi- con job of conservative politicians

Celebrity Republicans continue  to search for conservative indentities that hoist them above the others.  Jeb Bush defines himself as a "reform" conservative. As he embarks on his path to the presidency, he wants us to believe that he is not crazy.  Ohio Sen.Rob Portman. who is not a a candidate for the high office, calls himself a "commonsense" conservative, which,  I suppose, is how he thinks a guy should be in the wake of George W.'s failed "compassionate" conservatism.

There have been references to economic conservatism, an old standby;  social, paleo, fiscal,neo,  religious ...Sorry, need oxygen here.  But I will offer ambitious Republicans a term that might provide clarity to the confusion:    Existential conservatism.  Can't fail. It sounds too impressive.    It will work because nobody on earth knows what it means, even many  existentialists who won't admit that much.


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