Thursday, March 5, 2015

Her purse more than a drop in the bucket?

As if the oddly-produced action from the podium wasn't  enough to chill your soul,  Bill Moyers reported this weird off-camera  cameo from the Congressional gallery during Speaker John Boehner's Netanyahu  festivities.  Seated next  to her husband Sheldon Adelson, whom Moyers describes as the Godfather of the Republican Right, Miriam Adelson dropped her purse to the floor below, striking a Democratic congressman.

Was that a symbolic reminder that Democrats would again be targeted by  the billionaire casino owner's boxcar-size wallet?    Moyers would only say that the purse  achieved "metaphoric glory".   But it does seem that the wifely purse, fashioned by America's leading supporter  of a Netanyahu-led Israel,  was the real thing, not a metaphor. The message from the GOP Godfather has always been quite clear

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