Saturday, March 21, 2015

Boehner goes to Israel as our wandering gentile

Well, the world has just learned that John Boehner, America's latest gift to Israel, will be  winking eyeball-to eyeball with Benjamin Netanyahu on the Israeli leader's home turf.  It will be a foreign policy quid pro quo to renew their maniacal plan to  undermine the nuclear talks with Iran with the U.S. House Speaker's unspeakably self-assumed  role as president.

Whenever two crazies get together on taxpayer's money, you never know what to expect other than it will be a wretched spectacle.    Will they next meet at Downton Abbey with pheasant feathers all around?  

My guess is that after exchanging fist bumps,  Boehner will try  to impress his host with the collegiality of one who is out to prove that he fits in among foreigners as  once a kid from southwestern Ohio.   He may even begin with a Jewish expression or two. Maybe the ever popular,  "Solomon I-like-him, Mr. Prime Minister."     

Some experts are already saying that although the meeting will darkly cover the nuclear negotiations,  other matters will be on the table.  There doubtless will  be talk  about finding a three-state solution for Israel, Palestine and the U.S. to replace
Bibi's one-state solution.  They may also set a date for Netanyahu to speak at Disney World. Unless, of course the Boehner and Bibi Act manages to start a nuclear war.

Meantime, "Solomon I-like-him, Mr. Speaker".

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