Thursday, August 7, 2014

Whew! Busy Michele a goblin in cause of liberty

Shortly after Congress went home for its 5-week vacation a night janitor on Capitol Hill found a work schedule that had strayed from Rep. Michele Bachmann's calendar.  Let me share:

9.a. m.    Demand  again that Barack Obama be led out of  White House in handcuffs.

10 .a.m. Agree to participate as queen in hometown of Anoka Minnesota's annual Halloween Parade  celebrating its self-promoted title as the Halloween Capital of America. (sic)

11 a.m. Go to  bank to deposit  federal subsidy for family farm.

Noon Blame Obama for not having blue  eyes.

i p.m. Lunch with Tea Party leaders as a founder of the group in Gopher State.

2 p.m. Accept invitation from PBS to perform on  network's program,   Dinosaur Train.

2:30  Appear on Fox News to blame President Obama for being President Obama.

3 p.m.Talk with  literary agent about publishing new book about  inspiring experience of seeing Minneapolis from a pulpit  in St. Paul.

4 p.m.  Demand that Obama be led out of Oval Office in leg chains.

5 p.m.  Accuse Obama of having an uncle in Honduras  who is rounding up thousands of migrant children to head for the border.

6 p.m.  Deposit another check from federal farm subsidy.

7 p.m. Call for  impeachment of Barack  Obama, explaining that as a born-again
Christian  she was told by God to do it.  .

8.30.  Read another chapter of Ayn Rand's book

10 p.m Off to bed after another hectic  day of courageously defending liberty in America.

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