Sunday, August 10, 2014

The loneliness of life under a rock

As you approach another birthday it's funny how you suddenly learn things about yourself that you hadn't noticed before.  Prodded by a full page layout  in Vanity Fair magazine "spotlighting" a starlet, I was scolded  for  "living under a rock" if I missed a "stunning breakout"  of 23-year-old model named Emily Ratakowski.   She was described as the "nearly naked dancer in a controversial video."    It was a   reference that hardly needed further description or her commanding Vanity Fair  photo that threatened  to break out before a reader's very eyes.

About the rock:  Well, yes.  Had no idea who she was, nor  had ever heard of her before I flipped the mag's page to her startling pix.

It happens more often now, when we wrestle with such challenges to be hip, like trying to fill in blank squares in the New York Times Sunday crossword when the clues call for the name of the artist with triple platinum albums whose name begins with SqPerqlll - at least in my rendering. It's even worse when you think that there are  probably some young moderns around the country  who are happily penciling in the name..

Yeah.  You know you are getting old when such puzzles include pop definitions that are well known to everybody but you.   Or when you want to sneer at a teenager who offers to carry your bag of popcorn to the car.  Or when you can't find your worn LP of a radio  announcer describing Bill Mazeroski's 1960 World Series homer.

Ratakowski, huh?  Did I get it right?  Or did the name end in a "y"?  

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