Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Supreme Court's Hobby not in my lobby. (updated)

So much has been said and written about the Supreme Court's 5-4  bailout of Hobby Lobby that I risk redundancy in adding a few more words.  But this isn't a travesty of constitutional law that will be here today and gone tomorrow. So here goes:

(1) It wasn't decided on constitutional grounds after all but theocratic..  The five Republican justices who were sympathetic to Hobby Lobby were devout Roman Catholics composed of  four white guys  and a sphinx-like African-American who would like to be one.  The decision turned on whether a company can deny birth control coverage for its employes via ObamaCare. (We wonder how  the ruling applies to vasectomies, not that they would matter much for some of these justices.)

(2) Was it rude to bring up the Catholic thing?  Hardly.  Surveys  tell us these justices   are far to the right of a majority of Catholics.

(3) How secure can we be  with a justice like Antonin Scalia who goes around telling people that the devil is a very real person wandering about the land? And he's not kidding!

(4) Despite claims to the contrary, religious freedom didn't win.  Nobody will stop you on your way to your church. Nor did anybody  before this decision.

(5) Isn't it time that we stop pointing accusatory fingers at other radical religions around the world when religious extremism continues to grow  in the land among  those hell-bound clergy (and followers) preaching against  abortion, gays and other perceived heinous sins.

(6) Meantime, have a good Inquisition!

UPDATE: The plot thickens. Just read  vasectomies are OK under the ruling. .  And, reports  the Huffington Post, "pills and pumps that help a man stiffen his penis in preparation for sex (what else is there?) are perfectly acceptable."  According to the church, these devices are for procreation.   


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