Sunday, July 13, 2014

ObamaScare to be featured at GOP convention

In August 2013, I blogged on Grumpy Abe and Plunderbund that the 2016
Republican National Convention would be in Disney World.   The rationale seemed obvious:  The Republicans wanted a comfort zone for the many clowns in their party.

But as we learned the past week, my predictions are hardly foolproof. Soon after the party announced that it was going to Cleveland instead, I called a source at the RNC headquarters in Washington, known only  by his  code name of Whirlybird, and asked why the party would turn down such a friendly place as Tampa.

"Obama." he said, emphatically.   "Cleveland is overrun by Democrats.  If anything should happen to get negative headlines during the convention, Boehner will have the mike, the stage and the audience to blame it all on the president.  We're prepared to call it ObamaScare in the rise of Art Modell,  Dennis Kucinich and even Asian carp.  After careful deliberation, we couldn't think of a better place than Cleveland  for demonstrating to the world why Democrat Obama should be impeached."

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