Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ohio GOP moves Obamacare down yellow brick road

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 One of the cautionary notes as the Kasich/Taylor campaign  burst crazily into spring  is that it's folly for the  governor's opponents to  make things up  to discredit him.   The Kasich team has already demonstrated beyond doubt that  one of its perfected specialities is selling him to the voters with little regard for reality even if you allow  for the routine
 embellishments of political  engagement.

Just arrived, for example, is a paean from Ohio Republican Headquarters with a toast to the daring wisdom of Lt.  Gov. Mary Taylor, who also heads the state  insurance department, in her most recent assault on Obamacare. So far, that wouldn't surprise us.  Taylor apparently will be the governor's reality star on the Affordable Care Act that he would just as soon not talk about himself. .

We read no farther than the first couple of sentences  that Mary will be quite the contrarion in the campaign to do the governor's bidding.  Here are the opening lines of the GOP release just to show you we wouldn't dare make this up:
"Subscriber, yesterday Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor traveled to Washington to stand up for Citizens against Obamacare. While the President continues his weak [!] attempt to convince Americans that Obamacare isn't a disaster, our Lieutenant Governor is doing everything she can to fight back against this destructive law..."
Disaster?  Destructive?  There about eight million reasons why we might doubt that.

 The release is is signed by Matt Borges, the Ohio GOP chairaman, but I'm not sure why anyone would put his name on this fairy tale.  I recall that Kasich said he doesn't  read newspapers. But shouldn't the janitor or somebody else on his staff inform him that the ACA has just passed eight million enrollees, was earlier passed by Congress and ruled constitutional by the U.S.Supreme Court?

If this is how the governor plans to get reelected then it's OK for some us to report that 50 million more Americans will be enrolled by Memorial Day.

That's quite s stretch, you say?  Oh?

P.S. We added Taylor's photo for the millions of Ohioans who have never seen nor heard of her.  


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VigoprJerry said...

Taylor spends an hour a week at the DOI

She is home in Green the majority of any week