Monday, April 28, 2014

At sea among the marvels of the digital age

Well, we survived it.  The technological scourge that  was to  produce the amenities of an informed rational life.

The DVD-VCRs, I mean.

The flat screen TVs and their multiple remotes, I mean.

The IPads, I mean.

 And, of course, the laptop computers, I mean.

Where to start?

About the DVD-VCRs:  For months - maybe years -  ours seldom functioned.  Embarrassed,   I couldn't even explain the problem  to  the techies at the electronics stores.   Have you ever seen their faces as they begin with annoyed tolerance, "Did you...?"  "No,  I didn't", I interrupt before they get another word out.  "Look, they don't work."  

Finally, a happy ending. Found a a sympathetic caregiver who sent one of his insiders to our  house at a  reasonable price (it pays to comparison shop) to correct the problem.    Although it takes three remotes (Who knew?)  to  activate discs or tapes on the thing in the family room, it's working  - so long as I  refer to my notes.

About the IPads.  Nancy's worked with anemic sounds as though she were listening to the Met opera from the next state.  It was a problem after experts installed a new operating system in her ancient laptop (wiping out her email addresses and music she bought from ITunes) - a failing age, the techies reminded  us,  while discreetly wondering about anybody who would keep a computer around the house for more than a decade.  We learned that computers age in dog years.

 But a happier ending.  Our son Rick set up a wireless Bose speaker that amplified the sound.    Good.  I didn't even know such equipment existed.

Oh, about the Tivoli radio in the kitchen. Talk about powerful sound.    Stand back from the piece when changing stations. Otherwise  you will suffer sympathetic vibration   from the roar of static as you turn the dial.

Did I mention the hollow thump from beneath Nancy's teen-age car?   We took it to the auto shop this morning.  Several other cars on  hoists.  Sort of a nice feeling to know that we're not alone.

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