Friday, April 4, 2014

But he did know where to find Capitol Hill

 Remember the old question  that asked whether you knew where your kids were at such-and-such a time?  Now Indiana voters can be reasonably asked where their senator was at such-and-such a time inasmuch he didn't know himself.

That can only be a reference to Sen. Dan Coats, the right-wing Republican from Indiana who drew a lot of attention from congressional watchers by sitting down  to question a witness at an Appropriations subcommittee hearing.   It must have been a little awkward for everybody as he began his inquiry until his aide sent him a note  alerting Coats  that he had chosen the wrong hearing.  "I've got the  right room number," he then abruptly explained, "'but  the wrong hearing".

That one, folks, surpassed a snafu  during the last presidential campaign in which Sarah Palin's robocall began, "Hello, Texas.  I'm Sarah  Palin."

Problem:  The calls were all sent to Kansas.

And John McCain wanted her to be our vice president!

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