Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obamaphobia in the checkout line


Woman #1 (looking at President Obama's picture with Oprah on the cover of a screeching tabloid: "Do you like Obama?"

Woman #2: "Yes, I do. Do you?"

Woman #1: "No. I don't trust him."

Woman #2: "Why""

Woman #1: "I don't know. I just don't. I guess you're going to vote for his health program."

Woman #2: "Vote? We don't vote on it."

Woman #1: "Oh. We don't? I'm still against it. "

Woman #2 "You mean you don't want to help the 50 million people who don't have health insurance?"

Woman #1: " If they don't have insurance it's their own fault."

She moved up to take up her turn to check out, and bought a copy of the Obama-Oprah tabloid to bring her up to date on the latest.

Woman #2 told another: "For God's sake. I would have thought more of her if she would have come right out and said she didn't like Obama because he is black. At least she would have been honest about it."

Well...yes. Unfortunately, you could say that about a lot of Obama haters these days.


Anonymous said...

Republicans have done it again! They have mastered the are of crushing policy proposals without offering any alternatives. They were able to unleash the strawmen and kill any discussion on health care policy. Like in 1993/94, the Republicans support the policy of "Oh yeah, we'll get to it!" winkwink to AMA, pharmaceutical, and insurance company lobbyists.
I wish they would just openly say they are satisfied with the number of uninsured who do not qualify for Medicaid/Medicare and that those people should suck it up.

Anonymous said...

I recently heard someone in one of those Town Meetings yell out to the person that was hosting the meeting, "Keep your hands off our Medicare Program!". They didn't shut up long enough to hear that Medicare is a Government Program.
This is the problem, no one knows what they are talking about.