Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The curse of Moses Cleaveland


  • A friend who is a Cleveland sports fan raises troubling questions after each loss, among them: What is it about Cleveland? A... It's the Moses Cleaveland curse! When the surveyors drew up the first maps of the settlement founded by Cleaveland, they dropped the "a" from his name. Horrified, he cast an eternal curse on the place. Or something like that. Won't make any difference whether Quinn, Anderson or Kosar is the quarterback. Moses was here first.
  • As the White House hopes for a public option in health care continue to vaporize, I'll have to repeat my theory that Democrats have no guts, and Republicans have no conscience. The second part of that is that Republicans take no prisoners while Democrats willingly allow themselves to be the prisoners.
  • Now that former congressman Dick Armey is making the rounds with his bloated Texas-size ego guiding the narrative of Tea Parties, he would seem to be a perfect dance partner for another Texan, Tom DeLay, in a record breaking 20 second marathon on the ballroom floor. What is it about Texas?
  • Imagine how much better life would be if all of the things promised by the TV commercials were really true. Even half-true!
  • Pity the poor company executives who are giving up choice seats for themselves and clients at baseball games because they don't want anybody to think that they are wasting big dollars on corporate excesses. Seems a rather strange sacrifice to me since millions of corporate dollars are being wasted on the .221 hitters in the dugout.


Anonymous said...

Republicans will succeed in making sure health care reform dies completely like in 1993-94.

PJJinOregon said...

Finding a dance partner for Delay poses a problem. The man has two RIGHT feet. As he dances, he always moves to the right. So perhaps your suggestion of pairing him with Armey is spot on. They both have two right feet. So when the music starts and they both move to THEIR right, a gap with open between them. Is there a better metaphor for our beleaguered country than a widening gap between partners?