Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here they come - without the crumpets

WELL, THERE'S going to be some light "family oriented" discussion (and doubtless heavy breathing!) about tea next Wednesday evening on the Riverfront Mall in Cuyahoga Falls. It's billed as a Tea Party by an outfit called Summit912, a protest group inspired by weepy Political Philosopher Glenn Beck , the bizarre talk show figure who most recently suggested that Nancy Pelosi be poisoned.

The area group was founded by Amy Schwan, of Akron, who told a Falls news reporter that"we've been mad for a long time. Glenn Beck just motivated us to get off our butts and start to do something." Cool.

The event is being promoted as a non-political "meetup" and family affair to talk about - it says here on the 912 website - "over-taxation, nationalized health care, cap and trade and individual rights." Cool again. But why does it bill itself as "non-political" when the site carries an exhibit of an item called "The Clock. How many days Obama has left" and goes after all of the hot-button issues aimed at you-know-who? Not cool.

According to the Falls reporter (Schwan didn't return my calls), Schwan said Summit912 (Beck's reference to the day after 9/11 - at least he can read a calendar accurately, if nothing else) the Falls was chosen for the tea party because it has a Republican mayor, Don Robart, who only incidentally will be one of the speakers along with Frank LaRose, a Republican legislative candidate. I confess I do have trouble separating speakers with clear political IDs from politics. If they had wanted to liven up the party they should have invited, as a bipartisan outreach, Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic. Now that would be cool.

I did check in with Alex Arshinkoff, the Summit County chairman, who forcefully denied any connection to the tea party. "I don't know anything about it," he asserted. "It's not a Republican Party event." But he did give it the party's Good Housekeeping seal of approval. "I am happy that they are having it. There are not a lot of right-wing Republicans in the Democratic Party and there are not a lot of left-wing socialists in the Republican Party." It's one of those careful separations of wheat from chaff, I think.

So we're back to politics, which is what I figured as soon as I read about Summit912. Cool - if not entirely forthcoming about who they are. And don't count on crumpets.


fargo said...

As a lesson in Civics perhaps Robart could explain how the Police, Fire, and EMT crews are paid for to these maroons. Even funnier, he could explain the multi million dollar tax payer funded rehab of State Road Shopping Center.....a project that I happen to agree with btw. Guess what folks...there will be federal money in that project.

The Wall Mart crowd is now pulling Robarts strings....how reassuring that must be to the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls. What a clown.

Anonymous said...

Arshinkoff can lead his minions straight into the waterfront with the tinfoil hats in tow. Darwin or the Obama "death panels" can handle what is left of Alex Arshinkoff's Summit County Republican Party.

Mencken said...

Lawyers.com, Proctor & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, Geico, and LexisNexis have all dropped their ads from Glenn Beck's show. I think that makes a good case that the 912 strategy is not resonating with the majority of Americans.

Grumpy Abe said...

Nothing gets the media's attention faster than the loss of advertisers. This is not a First Amendment issue. When you declare that someone ought to poison the speaker of the house, it is i akin to shouting fire in a crowded theater. Beck by the way, has left a trail of this crap behind him.

Anonymous said...

Don Robart and Tim Grendell will be the most hypocritical speakers up there.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing left of the Summit County Republican Party. Alex destroyed it.