Monday, June 8, 2009

Inhofe: a gusher for the oil industry

OKLAHOMA is known for its oil wells, old-fashioned religion and obsolescent senators.  It apparently hasn't progressed much since I raced though the state many years ago en route to Chicago from a basic training base in Texas. S ince then, I don't think I've even flown over the Sooner State.  The absence of progressive political ideas may  explain why it keeps electing an old fool like Republican Jim Inhofe to the U.S. Senate.   It is a perfect match . 

Inhofe  became the  befuddled star of the national media  last week when he erupted into a hissy fit over President Obama's Cairo speech, accusing him of being "un-American" and leading Inhofe to wonder whose side the president was on.  We haven't heard  anything that silly  from Capitol Hill patriots  since the days of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the late Sen. Joe McCarthy.  

(Can you imagine somebody calling  Berlusconi un-Italian, or Sarkozy un-French? What, I ask, does it mean in English?)

Well, Inhofe gets away with his gibberish simply because he has the oil wells standing at his side.  He's received over a half-million dollars from energy sources and graciously responds by calling catastrophic global warming the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."  And who can ignore his comment in the moments after the Oklahoma City federal building bombing that there wouldn't be many casualties because at 9 a.m., all of the feds would off somewhere drinking coffee?  

This is the guy you should know a little more about when he is out there attacking the president's patriotism. 


Anonymous said...

You might have mentioned the comments from (R)Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana. Lugar mentored Obama in the Senate and is more from the Baker/Scowcroft foreign policy wing.

Lugar referred to Obamas speech in Cairo as a quote "signal achievement" and "important and necessary".


Is Inhofe prepared to call Lugar un-American for supporting Obamas speech?

Burr deming said...

Senator Inhofe has a history of wisdom on Middle East peace.

PJJinOregon said...

Obama is not un-American. But he is un-Republican. To Inhofe and other Dixciecons, un-Repblican is the same as un-American. Inhofe and friends still believe that the Northeast and Midwest owe them something because the Confederate States lost the War of Northern Aggression. Being losers, Inhofe and friends have the unrestricted right to bad mouth all northern politicians. Abe, you just need to understand regional differences.

Mencken said...

I've always wondered if along with the "The American Dream", did the German Dream, or the Laos Dream, or the Peru Dream, or perhaps even the Iraq Dream exist as well. Or does America own the market on group dreaming ?