Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A comedic recall scheme expands to oust Wayne Jones

THERE'S A scene in Seinfeld in which Jerry and George Costanza turn up in the office of a TV network producer to hawk their proposed comedy series.  When he is asked about  the theme of the still-unwritten series (nor will it ever be) , George has a confident response:  "It's a show about nothing!"  Ha, Ha.  

About nothing?  I recall those prophetic words every time the hyperkinetic Mendenhall Mud Machine lowers the bar still further in the recall campaign against Mayor Don Plusquellic. It just happened again with comedic force  with the word from the front that Warner  & Co. now want to remove  Summit County Democratic Chairman Wayne Jones from the Board of Elections and have asked Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to do the heavy lifting.  The charge against Jones:  He's "overly partisan" in the recall competition.  I can't make this up.  

I have to think about this, while Mendenhall obviously hasn't.  Long before there were hi-tech voting machines and other far-out paraphernalia, partisanship  was never a disqualifier to serve on the Board.   Each party is allotted two seats to duke it out.  Even the Board's Deputy Director, Bryan Williams, a Republican still brooding over his loss to Plusquellic in an earlier election,  has said that he has offered Mendenhall "spiritual"  guidance.  (My hunch is that it is a lot more than that.)

Another curious element in all of this:  Brunner is a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in what is shaping up as a tough primary campaign and I'll let you guess how deeply she wants to be involved  in an effort against Plusquellic, the most prominent Democrat in the city. (I thought you'd see it that way.)

No, mark the paper-thin challenge to Jones as still another stunt that, like George and Jerry's ill-fated comedy shows,  is about nothing. 


fargo said...

Its not about nothing...its about Mendenhall looking for someone to blame when the recall fails. "We didn't recall Plusquellic because Wayne cheated".

Keep calling Mendenhall out....his life is about nothing.

Anonymous said...

There next plan is a coup of the Summit County Democratic Party. There is no doubt now that this is being orchestrated by Alex Arshinkoff. Why? No county-wide offices he could logically win. Dwindling party finances. No plan for the future with respect to the Republican party. His jealousy of Wayne has now become an obsession that sees him using Mendenhall as a tool.

Anonymous said...

Anono #1. Agreed. Alex has no future in the party at all. He has shown what perpetual greed and anger towards the ones of decent will do and he has been the the proverbial "Leopard that does not change its spots" and can never be trusted, at all. He is the classic case of one who got lucky and instead of humbly being a solution he is the major malfunction. as the Chair of the party he should have found the best candidates but instead has chosen ones that bow to him alone, this can no longer be tolerated.
Let me say this to the other party locally; You have the upper hand in all of this, do not let him manipulate you otherwise. For if you do it is to your own demise and he will bring you down as well if not worse and this area needs a voice politically from both sides if it is to survive.