Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ensign: Another hypocrite exposed

TODAY'S BRIEF HOMILY will deal with hypocrisy. It is prompted by another mea culpa revelation by a sworn rising-star conservative Republican senator with a Hollywood face and an ambitious political agenda, John Ensign. A Nevadan who was said to be ascending quickly in the GOP's pre-season ranks of presidential candidates, he has now admitted that some wannabe candidates may not be as morally equal as others. In short, he was carrying on with a campaign staffer. A married woman, no less. Yep. Adultery, and, as Zorba once sighed about his own marital existence, the "full catastrophe."

Oh, I did mention hypocrisy, didn't I? First, I should stress that infidelity is non-partisan, afflicting Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans, political agnostics and atheists, many of whom strayed after they were in the White House. But it's been the GOP that has boasted of its careful attention to family values, morality and religiosity on every street corner inhabited by its candidates. They all lie, of course. But what the hell. It's all for the cause.

So here we have John Ensign, a model conservative, joining the ranks of Sen. David Vitter, Newt Gingrich, John McCain et al in the growing list of sinners from their side of the aisle.

Ensign is an avid pro-lifer, a vocal proponent of something called fiscal responsibility, married with three children, a member of a group called the Meadows Christian Fellowship, Rotarian, Chamber of Commerce, all of the good stuff without an Acorn organizer or socialist in the lot. He was also the chairman of the 2008 National Republican Senatorial Committee and held influential offices in the Senate. If he had been a ball player, he would have been headed to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

And now this! It can really mess up a politician's claims to achievement, much like Sammy Sosa and steroids. Frankly, I couldn't care less about what a man and woman do in their leisure hours. But the sooner that Republicans bury their claim on moral purity, the sooner I will quit calling them liars.


John said...

These right wing dingbats moan and groan,
Why don't they leave us all alone.
Though a believer in God I am Not,
Here is a quote from Him that is hot,
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

A Poet in San Jose, CA

fargo said...

You forgot to mention that Ensign is a member of "Promise Keepers" a Christian ultraconservative group. Promise Keepers exists to help Christian men better understand how to treat and respect their wives. I would not have thought would have been a problem with a good Christian but apparently it is.

Hypocrisy, is the only issue here. His personal life is not my concern if only he wasn't so concerned with the personal life of everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget he has been active in Promise-keepers.

Grumpy Abe said...

I would assume that he is less promising as a presidential candidate than he was a few days ago.

PJJinOregon said...

Look at Ensign's announcement as a Hollywood script. Today, adultery. Within a week, substance abuse; you can pick your favorite substance. Next will be a two year recovery program conducted by a TV savvy therapist. The penultimate move will be a televised confession to a mega-church pastor. Now Ensign's good to go. He pitches the all American story of hitting bottom to prepare for sitting at the top. His therapist and his pastor hit all the talk shows. He's presidential material.

Grumpy Abe said...

PJ, I would happily recommend you for the therapist's job as the original Dr. Phil.

fargo said...

Ironically Ensign is stridently opposed to gay marriage because "it is a threat to traditional marriage" .....the biggest threat to his marriage appears to be himself.

Mencken said...

I just had lunch at a local diner and Kevin Coughlin sat down next to me at the counter with his wife and kid.

If it's true Coughlin cheated on his wife, she's way, way over it. Nothing about their interaction or body language hinted at any discord at all.

Ensign fessed up so all is fair..... but in Coughlin's case I'd hesitate to push the story without some solid proof.