Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rove :Bush's brain drain?

ISN'T THERE  anything we can - or should - do about Karl Rove? In the final drab days of the Bush administration, Rove continues to show up here and there much like a maniacal Robert De Niro in "Cape Fear" just when you think he's been dispatched forever.  There are now reports that Rove is busily engaged in the Bush Legacy Project, a diehard mission to reveal Bush as a regular good  guy for the historians and public.  The other day Rove dismissed the critics, which now include about 80 pct. of Americans, as being the natural consequence of hanging out in the Oval Office for eight years.  As he explained it to Matt Lauer, "Look at the end of eight years...Republicans or Democrats...people tire of it." Right. 

Karl's been around longer than that himself, and now appears to be on a roll to humiliate his own once little-challenged reputation  as the political genius at the end of the yellow brick road.    But unlike many Americans who are more tired of being economically splattered and out of work, Karl is gainfully employed in some conservative quarters to be the yeast in a post-presidential rise of George Walker Bush.  His latest task of rehabbing Bush could be the most daunting, somewhat like reclaiming the hulk of the Titanic.  

 Does anybody remember  his pollyanna view in  2006 of how Republicans would retain control of the Senate and House, a notion revealed to him by his own mysterious polls?  Or that he was a sort-of silent partner in McCain's campaign apparatus with a lot of cheery talk on Fox?  

If I remember Thomas Aquinas'  first-cause argument for the existence of God, he said no event causes itself.  It was so pre-Rovian.   Karl seems to cause himself every moment of the day.
For him it has never been whether you win or lose but how you taint the game.  During the Bush years he was regularly described as "Bush's Brain."  For his own place in history, George could have chosen a brain more carefully.  


Henry Halem said...

"George could have chosen a brain more carefully."
That parallels the Frankenstein story to a T.

PJJinOregon said...

Look out Abe; the orthodoxy police read your blog. As it turns out, Thomas Aquinas characterized the deity as an "unmoved mover" and as an "uncaused cause". Your glib remark that Rove causes himself every moment of the day appears to bestow deity status on Rove. Say it isn't so. Rove's goal of burnishing Bush's image is most similar to Acquinas' analysis of how many angels can stand on the head of a pin - a tale told by an idiot ........

Grumpy Abe said...

Blogging is a continuing education for me. Henry reminded me that when Dr. Frankenstein worked on creating his grotesque creature from spare body parts of cadavers, he mistakenly inserted an evil brain. But if he hadn't, there would have been little for Boris Karloff to do in the movie. So it all made for a good box office anyway.

Aside to PJ: You don't consider Rove a deity? Also, how many angels do you know who can dance on the head of a pin? Or dance on anything, for that matter? :