Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Honors for a bell cow

ONE OF the perks of retirement from a  highly visible role as a TV news anchor is that you get to share with the world the praise from profound thinkers who thought that you were swell.  There's no clearer evidence of that than in the VIP accolades for Brit Hume, the baritone bell cow of Fox/Bush News, who is collecting his tidy retirement pay these days.  But first, a word from his sponsors, broadcast to Hume's loving  fans around the world  as aired  in his self serving final encomium:

   "After decades of hard work you've become one of the most respected journalists in the business.  You're a role model for young reporters, and while you leave big shoes to fill, we hope many are inspired to follow in your footsteps."  ...George Bush.

It gets better. Hume got this salute from Dick Cheney: 

    " I've always known you to be  a skilled and fair-minded reporter.  You've lived up to that standard every day of your career, and you've made 'Special Report' one of the finest news programs in the world."

Enjoy it while you can, Brit.  Twenty-seven more days and the George-and-Dick dark comedy hour will be officially  off the air  for good.   I report.  You decide. 



John said...

While at home by the TV I sit
I make it a point to never watch Brit
I rigged my remote to skip
the Fox News Channel when I through the stations flip.
They have presented the "facts" when in fact they lied
I let my remote control decide

A Guitarist

marvkatz said...

Beautifully said, Grumpy Abe. You haven't lost a step!

Anonymous said...

Those big shoes that Hume is leaving to fill are similar to the ones sported by the girls down at the Bada-Bing...... the ones that speak to their owner's........ availability.

Ben said...

Brit is the greatest. I know people on the left dont like other non-leftists in the media, but Brit is a pro.