Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boning the turkeys

NEWS FROM the front: Ken Blackwell, the guy who ran so poorly against Ted  Strickland for governor in 2006, is reported to be interested in chairing the Republican National Committee.  Wow!  A friendly word to moderate Republicans, Democrats and Palin's Pro-American Party:  Get out of his way and let him have it!  With him around, your workload in electing your own candidates in 2010 will be reduced by at least half.....Speaking of turkeys, Glenn Beck, the newly arrived right-wing ding-a-ling at Fox  (from CNN) says states that object to government bailouts have an absolute right to secede  from the Union.   With some Alaskans of a similar mind,  they should all be reminded that the U.S. is a country (not a continent) where secession has been tried without success.  Nice try, Glenn, if not original!...And speaking of bailouts,  Miriam-Webster's online report has declared "bailout" to be the "word of the year." However, over the course of the current economic remedies,  " flailout"  might have been more appropriate some days.  


John said...

Mr. Blackwell is one of those
who would buy our Sarah new Clothes.
I thought it was said
Mr. Blackwell's was dead
Worst dressed in ribbons and bows

db said...

"Speaking of turkeys..." , what a cheap way to refer to one of Ohio's finest leaders. Shame....

chien lunatique said...

"speaking of turkeys", to claim that Blackwell is one of Ohio's finest leaders qualifies db as the winner of the Great Gobbler Prize. This award is presented to those turkeys who show the greatest capacity for cognitive
dissonance and a unquenchable thrust for Kool-Aid.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Blackwell is not one the one that comments on what to wear. That is Richard Blackwell, and he is dead.

This is Ken Blackwell.

I say let Ken have the job.