Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Akron: Here we go again

IN A WORLD of uncertainty, there is one matter that remains rigidly in place:  Warner Mendenhall, the Akron lawyer and former city councilman,  thinks Mayor Don Plusquellic is insufferable.So he is launching another crusade against him.    This time, he is leading an effort to have the mayor recalled. He says it will take him several months to organize the challenge to the mayor.  If Mendenhall and his allies persist in hating Plusquellic,  it's a free  country.  What isn't free is the projected cost to taxpayers by a fellow who has fiercely opposed taxes.  Elections officials  estimate the tab to be $160,000 at a time when every penny counts.   My guess is that it would cost more, both in money and distraction from the grave economic matters that will confront all cities in the months ahead.   And to be spent to oust a six-term mayor who has won awards for his leadership, the most recent from  the International  Economic Development Council?    

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