Saturday, November 1, 2008

And error in progress

Oops.  If you see a deletion on the past post I can assure you that I was not trying to deny Sarah Palin her First Amendment rights. Actually I erred on the post from FARGOZ on the Night Before Christmas and somehow it was credited to me.  Because I am not Blog Smart, I was unable to remove my name from the top of the FARGOZ post and as you will note, despite my hunt-and-peck efforts to remove Grumpy Abe from the credit line, it's still there.  However, I did manage to credit Fargoz this time.  Phew!   There are days when I long for my old Smith-Corona.    

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John said...

A judge in Ohio has ruled that homeless people are allowed to vote, and they can list their home address as "a park bench." Ohio officials say that a park bench may not be the most traditional place to live, but it's still a lot nicer than Cleveland.