Friday, August 29, 2008

Panning for gold

YIKES!    McCain really did pick a woman who claims to be an "average  hockey mom"  from 
Alaska, and that state's governor, too.  Sarah Palin, 44, Pentecostal associations  in her proud religious resume, pro-l1fe, solid record on man-woman marriage only, photogenic former Wasilla (that's in Alaska, too) beauty queen.  And a cautious nod from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison:  "Everything I've heard about her is very good."

Take that Mitt, wherever you are.  And Joe from Connecticut,  McCain's ever-present cupbearer from Connecticut; and Rudy and all the other guys from the  primaries. And Carly Fiorina, and Hutchison, too.  Instead, Maverick John went with  the modern version of the Alaska Gold Rush, panning for  a runningmate who would satisfy the religious right's stranglehold on the Republican Party, even if that person has zero experience in national issues other than supporting drilling wherever there isn't a private residence or igloo.  

Within seconds, conservative groups like the Christian Coalition of America and Family Research Council happily  descended into  McCain's camp like those luminescent figures that floated from the ceiling at the Olympics closing night ceremonies.   

Did McCain do it for shock effect?  Did he want to lure millions of Clinton supporters to his partner?  And what might America gain if she had to step into the Oval Office someday?  Well, it's worth a minute of everybody's time.  

Alexis Zorba was once heard to say, "A man needs a little madness."

But this was insanity.   

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