Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama, McCain and Dr. Phil.

According to my overworked abacus, there are 16,798 pundits, third base coaches and astronomers,  liberal and conservative, friend and foe,  now advising Barack Obama on what he must do to win the election.  That's 16,798 more than those telling John McCain what to do.  It may be because McCain is 72 and  was a POW and you don't dare tell a 72-year-old ex-POW what to do to be elected president.  Not in America. 
        I'm older than McCain and at this stage of my life I don't' react kindly to anybody who tells me what to do. And that includes Dr. Phil.
        My attention to these advisories was drawn to David Brooks' thoughts on whether Obama "may yet recover his core focus. "   That's pretty heavy stuff for a country where a lot of people are still unable to  identify Obama or McCain as presidential candidates.  But in the land of punditry, psychological profiling is not uncommon.   Eight years ago (it seems like centuries) some columnists labeled Al Gore as an "alpha". (A what?)  And the rest is history. 
         After years of following political candidates around, I decided that baseball was much easier to understand.  The only question raised about a rookie was: "Can he hit a major league curve ball?" He, and everybody else, would find out soon enough.  


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Anonymous said...

You are older than McCain and I am older than you, and it would be a better world if everyone would stop telling other people what to do.

Love these blogs. Keep them coming!!