Friday, December 12, 2014

The bestial words of Dick Cheney

I should apologize for being grumpier than usual today during the season's Holiday Magic,  but Dick Cheney is fondly defending every incriminating trace of the CIA's uncivilized torture and I, for one, won't let him get away with a word of it.   Besides, it confirms my suspicion that he may be the  most depraved man in America today.

He blows off complaints about the sadistic Nazi-like treatment of the detainees with the question of whether we should have kissed them on both cheeks.  The ex-veep and hawkish draft dodger -  the latter exercise a  planned escape from duty that remains a lasting default in his John Wayne image -  puffed himself up with "I'd do it again in a minute."

Well, now. That's not exactly what we should want the world to know about us  from the former No. 2 man in the government that has long sold itself as a model of civilized  humanity.   Instead, he came down like the ghouls  who stick live kittens in Microwave ovens for the hell of it.

He would be a perfect fit for Dr. Caligari's cabinet with a his curled lip, spooky  certainties and a taste for the pain or proxy murder of others.  The ancient German black-and-white silent film was eerily at the heart of  modern torture  - a word that Cheney wisely refuses to precisely define.

He should be placed in a military uniform and shipped - mechanical heart and all - to a hot  war zone in the Middle East to dismiss doubts  that he is more than a lunatic who  takes joy in Microwaves.


Joe Hill said...

If Chaney, et. al. are not prosecuted, as required buy international law, than one has to consider that our Republic has ceased to exist. We are supposedly a nation of laws,yet in the light of recent events (torture report, Grand jury failures, political, corporate and financial criminality) the notion of "justice for all" has become meaningless. The Republic has lost its bearings, morally and legally, and has all the trappings of a Fascist/Corporate State or as the American political philosopher Sheldon Wolin has described it as inverted totalitarianism. War is our business and the American people are among its victims.

Grumpy Abe said...

And let's not forget that at least 19 of the detainees were wrongly held. Sign here if you support putting Cheney's picture on a $3 bill.

Joe Hll said...

I'd rather see him in chains.

Anonymous said...

Agreed -- very, very disturbing. Particularly discouraging is that it's not just Cheney and his ilk, but much of the Washington courtier class (government, media, and MIC all) that is covering for him and the CIA with obfuscation and lies. Which basically means that they are demanding that the King has clothes, and no one can tell them otherwise. This truly does set the stage for future atrocities that will be increasingly aimed at domestic dissidents, having refined their techniques on other purported enemies of the state.

E.g., formerly liberal NPR is refusing STILL to call this torture.

Nauseating, unpatriotic, immoral, outrageous. And aided and abetted by both major political parties. Hard not to feel that the Republic is on death's doorstep, since all the institutional tools for an advanced authoritarian state are now in place.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court judges installed the bozos into power by ordering votes not to be counted, and US attorneys ok'd the torture from the start. That's two instances of the subversion of the rule of law.