Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Matt Drudge: Here's why you are always wearing a hat

In their  furious effort to show that Hillary Clinton isn't much more mentally or physically fit than a turnip, her opponents have found still one more way to serve their flash mob.  Remember that they have already questioned her mental balance (Karl Rove) and age.

Now they have found  "evidence" that she is hobbled and holding on to a walker.
 It appears on the cover of People Magazine, which inspired Matt Drudge to ask whether the metal bar she's gripping is the  handle bar of a walker.

The idea spread so quickly among Bonkers Unlimited that a senior vice president of Time, Inc., which owns People, explained that the suspected handle bar was really a lawn chair in Hillary's back yard.

Sorry, Matt.   Just for that, I will start a rumor that the reason you're never seen without a hat is that you have a gaping hole in the top of your head which causes you to live with delusion.

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