Saturday, June 7, 2014

McCain:it's time for the old soldier to fade away

Television will come of age when it retires John McCain's number.  Oddly, no one has enjoyed more TV attention  than the bitter  finger-pointing Republican senator as he travels the Potomac adrift in a lumbering barge in his pursuit of another go at the Obama Administration.

Of late, it's  the epic of the prisoner exchange for Sgt.Bowe Bergdahl, which is still in the earliest stage of high-level  investigation.  But like so many other Republicans these days, McCain has already decided  that it was a bad deal even though there was a time not that many moons ago that he was calling for  the soldier's return, even if it meant some kind of an exchange.

Seeing  McCain repeatedly standing before a TV camera and complaining about President Obama's weakness you are reminded that as hard-ass guys go,  the Arizona    senator sold out to the right-wing forces in the 2008 presidential campaign by adding Sarah Palin to his bid for the White House.   If you want to talk about scandals of Biblical proportions, you can imagine what a disaster it would have been to have a giddy madwoman dealing with worldly issues.

 (Update on the presidential scale:  Palin has expressed her preference to have Duck Dynasty commander Phil Robertson in the Oval Office.  She said he is a "self-made entrepreneur, educator and church elder.")

Meantime, it doesn't strengthen the narrative of an old war  hero like McCain to be making a bumbling fool of himself in front of a TV camera.  Nor does it say much about the maturity of the TV people to  be hunting him down for one more absurd performance.  Hey,  folks.  He has nothing more to add to the conversation.

FOOTNOTE:  While we're at it, I should mention that Plunderbund has crunched the tweets and discovered that Rep. Jim Renacci has made a strategic retreat by removing one of his own tweets that expressed his joy  that Bergdahl was "coming home safely.  He's a true American hero."  Renacci has scrubbed it and replaced it with a deep-thinking  comment about Obamacare.

Gov. Kasich also removed a tweet that urged us to pray for the soldier's safe return,  mistakenly referring to him as an Ohioan instead of an Idahoan.  But in fairness to the guv, the odds were 50-to-1 against him to get it right.

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