Thursday, January 16, 2014

On the Browns, sewers, Koch brothers and Ted Cruz coloring book

As we've occasionally noted, the Browns always seem to make more news off the field than on the field.  Today it was team  owner Jimmy Haslam's turn with an open letter to the fans assuring them that  the  front office  knows exactly  what it's doing, by God,  despite  the long delay in hiring a new coach.   Responding to critics who wonder why seven other teams that fired coaches have now replaced them, Haslam declared that the recruiters are taking a methodical approach to make sure they get it right this time.

May I speculate that Haslam may be creating a new title for  Chudzinski's successor.  It will be called the "interim-interim coach" that will allow the team to hire and fire an interim coach - which is the way it has been for years albeit with the title of permanent one-year coaches.  The title change is believed to be a first for the NFL.  If that confuses you, you have a lot of company.

* * * * *

Speaking of delays, it is  now  reported that the environmental expert hired at great cost by Federal Judge John Adams to assess Akron's court-delayed sewer plan has approved the  city's plan, which had been approved by the U.S. and Ohio EPAs.    Which is where some of us came in.  If you want to connect the dots, you shouldn't have too much trouble. In this matter, the dots are bigger than pie plates.

* * * * *

The Koch brothers, the billionaire industrial sugar daddies of the Tea Party, have  already taken a major stride forward in converting America into the land of the free and home of the fringe.    The New York Times reported that they have injected $20 million into congressional campaigns in a bid to buy the U.S. House and Senate. Some of the money will also doubtless show up in Ohio Gov. John Kasich's reelection  campaign. The Kochs' targets are progressive  candidates who support Obamacare. The game plan also attacks any political move supporting environmental upgrades.  By now you surely know the drill on the right.  If not, fair warning.

* * * * *
You can be sure that nothing worse can happen all day after an adult  son shows up in a playful spirit to give you two slick coloring  books - "Cruz to the Future" and "The Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids".   Any mention of the Tea Party, of course, is self revealing, so here's a quick account of the one lovingly dedicated to Sen. Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz.

As you might expect, you can color an imposing sketch of Cruz holding a rifle (Second
amendment story line) to show off  the right to bear arms,  and other pages  dedicated to Cruz's patriotic themes and politically correct conservative positions.  Told you.  Even the Times' Sunday Puzzle seemed less painful  after that.  

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