Friday, January 31, 2014

George Will: The Clintons squeeze the pockets of the rich

What's that?  George Will, the conservatives' incarnation of  Solomon, has dissed
Bill and Hillary Clinton as being the takers in a maker society.   Adding to the growing Republican alarm that Hillary might well be the Democrats' presidential nominee, the columnist  hissed that the Clintons are nothing more than career politicians who have borrowed  from the rich "all their entire life"  to sustain their quest for public office.

That profound insight,  of course, ignores President Obama's predecessor, George W.
Bush, who was repeatedly bailed out by rich oilmen as his investments went awry in Texas when  his father was president.

Will's snooty political scholarship continues to fail him as a denier of climate change and as the fellow who predicted a 10-point victory for Mitt Romney. Y'think he oughtta go back  to Oxford for a refresher course in credible punditry?  Either that, or write a book on how as a managing partner of the Texas Rangers he let Sammy Sosa get away.

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