Monday, September 30, 2013

Will shutdown cast pall over Summit GOP event?

Are you ready for the government shutdown that the experts are now conceding? No, still not necessary to start storing extra food and water in the basement.  But we are still facing a mess dumped on us by the weird collection of  anarchists on Capitol Hill who insist they only want to do what's best for the American people, imaginary or otherwise.

Easy for them to say.   While a sea of Americans will lose paychecks  and other government services, the laws are so devised that the Capitol Hill gang of Tea Party lawmakers will still get paid, even if their employes will not. To the topside goes the spoils.

And it took not John Boehner but another Ohioan to put the anarchists' self-styled  noble   work in context.    That would be Rep. Jim Jordan, from somewhere down in  central Ohio, a  hard right Republican (!) who believes it's all a matter of "basic civics" to do what has to be done for the people.

"Sometimes I go back to basic civics.  We're the House of Representatives.  We're the body that's supposed to be closer to the people," he said.  "That's why the founders gave a chance for the people to throw us out every two years."

From  his rural Republican-pure district?  He's kidding, of course.

He also s didn't mention that a majority of his colleagues in the People's House would disagree with his sophomoric  civics lesson.

Meantime, a shutdown might cast a pall over  the annual  Summit County GOP finance committee dinner Tuesday night at the Akron-Fairlawn Hilton.  For $300 a plate (or more) the guests will get to hear yet another boast from Gov. John (Ohio Miracle) Kasich.  A big honor for Chairman Alex Arshinkoff, I might add, inasmuch as he's paid $10,000 a month to be the University of Akron's guy to lobby...John Kasich. 

Once again at these annual moneyfests, Alex will get his chance to slam every  titled Democratic leader with scandalous behavior that would even force the late Ray Bliss to blush.  Whatever's going wrong, he will tell them, is the fault of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and such without once mentioning chief Republican/Tea Party anarchist Ted Cruz.

Long ago I chose the wrong line of work to make a good living.

P.S. I would provide you with an on-site report of the event as I did for many years when Bliss was chair. But a couple of years ago Alex  closed the doors to me, thus doing himself and me  a  favor.  

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