Sunday, September 8, 2013

An opening day disruption of a workaday world

The opening day of a new season is quite likely to be a fan's highest  moment of anticipation. No games lost so far. Only 30 pct of the players aching (or worse) from  injuries suffered during the exhibition games. All of the coaches with game faces that disguise their deepest fears that their franchise  quarterback will be flattened on his way to the sidelines by a vengeful linebacker.

Today's Plain Dealer  explained it all in a big front-page spread: "A magic day." A 7-member panel of the paper's sports experts  curated the fans' expectations by unanimously predicting a home-team victory over Miami, if only by a couple of points. Like the team, the writers began the day with perfect records.

The Beacon Journal had other ideas about what was newsworthiest on this day of fantasies.   Its Page One splash covered LeBron James' impending wedding with the usual outsize photos. Somehow, even in a tux,  he looked like he was cut out to be a tight end.

Within 24 hours, of course,  for the Browns (and the eager forecasters),  it all could change.

As a loyal Steelers birther,  I have learned to allow myself far more margin, figuring they could finish in last place - or win the Super Bowl.   With the Steelers, there is always the leading question of whether Big Ben will finish a game on his feet.

If not, consider this:  There's always next year. Are you with me?

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