Thursday, May 23, 2013

Republican medieval ideologues - Oklahoma style

What in the name of medieval enlightenment is going on in Oklahoma in the wake of the horrendous disaster?  For the state's political class, it's still business as usual.  Both senators - Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, Republican fiscal vultures - are rejecting Federal relief unless the money can be matched by cuts elsewhere in the Federal budget. If that isn't done immediately, you can guess the rest of the story for the stricken survivors.  (Both guys opposed federal relief aid in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, too.)

Meantime, the Oklahama legislature routinely went about its daily business this week by  defunding Planned Parenthood.   There are priorities - and there are priorities.

But Inhofe did offer his own version of palliative relief, tweeting:
"The devastation in Okahoma is heartbreaking. Please join me and pray for  Oklahoma.  Spread the word."
OK, senator.  Then what do you have in mind for Plan B?

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Anonymous said...

Another concrete example of how people who vote Republican, in Oklahoma and elsewhere, vote against their own interest and safety.