Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boehner may need a Plan B on scandals

I can't imagine the kind of weekend the anti-Obama goon squad must have spent  bouncing around in the afterlife of the Republican Party. For days, the national media -  print and talking heads - have been sounding off about the president's approaching end of days in the wake of a scandalized administration. The only question, House Speaker John Boehner scowled, was who would "got to jail".  I'm not sure which scandal's smoking gun would merit time in the pokey. Still, jail is jail and Boehner has yet to give us a  clue to whether he would dispense with  trials.

Maybe I'm being too harsh with Boehner,  a forever grim-faced guy who claims to be obsessed with Benghazi. But in his search for political gold, he needs to know that 40 pct. of his shrunken Republican base can't even tell you where Benghazi is.  It wouldn't surprise me if that same percentage applied to his unruly House caucus.

More trouble arrived for the speaker in the polls showing that Obama hasn't lost a point in his public approval rating, which is around 53 pct.  That's about 52 points higher than the public's  attitude toward Congress these days.

Assuming there's a Plan B if those scandals fizzle short of satisfying the goons talking impeachment these days, what is left in the arsenal of hate for a black man who has twice denied his opponents the cigar on election night?

I will share with you a leak from a taxi driver on Capitol Hill who overheard a  high-level conversation about Plan B.

Here are some of the replacement scandals - Boehner squawking points, really - being discussed to deny the president a night's sleep:

A revival of the Chicago Black Sox scandal: Chicago.  Get it?

A Christmas card turned up in Obama's private collection from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

An Al Capone mood ring passed down to Obama.  Chicago. Get it?

A Saul Alinsky organzation manual warmly inscribed to Obama.

Finally a report that former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley gave Obama a box seat ticket to a White Sox game.   (Sox lost that one, too.)

Meantime, may I add the mini-scandal of Boehner handing out tobacco company money (bribes) to his colleagues on the House floor just before a key vote affecting the tobacco industry?  It's a start!

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FoxNewsFan84 said...

So what do you think about Eric Holder and the Department of Justice seizing phone, email, and office records of reporters from the Associated Press and Fox News? What about the IRS blatantly targeting the Tea Party and other political opponents of Obama?