Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thank Steve Gunderson for an incisive memory

One of the most illuminating comments in the archives of the same-sex marriage controversy  was recorded in 1996 when a Republican congressman was outed by a colleague during a floor debate in the House.

Rep.  Steve Gunderson of Wisconsin, then the only gay lawmaker in the GOP caucus and the only member of his party to vote against a Defense of Marriage Act, was openly criticized by a notoriously  ultra-right congressman from California, Bob Dornan, who hissed: "I didn't believe when I came here  that we'd  be discussing giving homosexuals the same rights as holy matrimony!"

To which Gunderson (now retired from the House) tartly replied:
"In all due respect to my colleagues, lesbians have no interest in your wives,  and gay men have no interest in your husbands.  Should not my partner of 13 years have the same rights as the partners of my colleagues around here on their second and  third marriages?"
That one soared out of the park!

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David Hess said...

Dornan and his ilk, especially the twice- and thrice-wed in Congress, always draw a blank when they denounce same-sex unions while proclaiming the "sanctity" of "traditional" (i.e., heterosexual) marriage. Once again, there is no notice of such hypocrisy among their followers.