Monday, March 4, 2013

Is Boehner headed for giving up his kingdom?

In the wake of the November election, did you ever think for a moment that President Obama would be spending a lot of his time dealing with  the shop foreman  of the Tea Party, namely Speaker John Boehner?  Folks, that's where we are today on the sequester with the assembly line at a dead standstill.

Under threats from the the Teabaggers, Boehner seems to be lip-syncing the talking points from the gang on the rigid right, fearful of a blowback that will lead him to race through the halls of Congress shouting, "the House, the House, my kingdom for the House!"

* * * * *

We're still trying to figure out Ann Romney's comments to Chris Wallace on Fox news that Mitt's defeat was a "crushing disappointment not for us, but for the country".  She explained that his problem was that people didn't get to know the real Mitt who now has no "anger or depression" even if his GOP critics believed he was too big to fail. (We, in fact, knew the real Mitt.  He was the fellow with a car elevator attached to his luxurious home.)

* * * * *

Italy's politics have long been the inexhaustible  treasury of comedy, and now the latest chapter has featured the real thing, comedian Beppe Grillo, who got  25 pct of the vote in the latest electoral free-for-all.  Soon the Italian brand will rival the U.S. House for the most laughs.

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