Sunday, November 6, 2011

The ex-astronaut vs. the ex-Wall Streeter

HAVE YOU SEEN the TV repeal-SB 5 (No, Issue 2) by John Glenn? Quite effective, for a former senator to appear in soft voice at the age of 90 to appeal to Ohioans for reason. So the only question left in this instance for Tuesday's election:

Are you going to believe a former astronaut war hero with a Boy Scout's honor, or are you going to believe our governor, Jøhn Kasich, who spent his recent years promoting Wall Street for a company that went bankrupt?


Anonymous said...

I have seen the ads & they make me proud to be an Ohioan.
I am very repulsed by the "robo-call(s) from Pat Boone....
Seriously, how far did they have to dig for that support???

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention...the Pat Boone calls were FOR issue 2.
Has anyone else received these calls?

Grumpy Abe said...

Yep, we got a call from Pat Boone, but he didn't
sing, thank God. If ever one side of this issue was desperate...Maybe we'll hear from George
Bush tomorrow.

JLM said...

Pat Boone?!

Are you kidding? I've yet to get one of these calls from Mr. "April Love". You can't get much whiter that Pat. I checked out his website. Besides the vitamins he's been shilling for for years he's also selling something called "Pat Boone All American Meats".

I kid you not.

JLM said...

Okay, I finally heard the Old White Buck Wearer's message online.

If I didn't know better, I'd say Pat sounds a little soused.

KrauthammerFan84 said...

I would hope that voters would base their decision on the substance of the measure and not who the spokesmen are in TV commercials. Unfortunately, it seems that fear mongering and hyperbole are winning out over well-reasoned and logical arguments.

I can't tell you how many flyers and phone calls I have received warning that my house might burn down or criminals will roam free if Issue 2 is approved. When you have such a well financed onslaught of scare tactics and misinformation, it is pretty obvious that Issue 2 never really had a chance.

Grumpy Abe said...


JLM said...

Dear Krauty,
"fear mongering and hyperbole"
"scare tactics and misinformation"

Sounds like the Bush administration.

Mecnken said...


Not sure if you're old enough to remember the Willie Horton ad during the 1998 election, but it's the industry standard by which all other political scare ads are judged. Check it out and its genesis and while you're at it, read up on the Karl Rove Strategy for denigrating his opponents and terrorizing the electorate.

I'm also making a note of your "well-financed" comment.

It can and will be used against you in the future,