Monday, December 27, 2010

Kasich: A holiday scolding by the Plain Dealer

ALTHOUGH HE'S not yet seated in the governor's chair, John Kasich already has raised the eyebrows of the editorial writers at the Plain Dealer, which you may recall, endorsed him over incumbent Ted Strickland. The PD decided that Kasich's appointment of of Ohio Inspector General Thomas P. Charles as state public safety director - despite "demonstrable" unspecified "pluses" - has "serious minuses, including family conflicts and a partisan-tinged history involving Charles' recent investigations" of Strickland's public safety officials.

To which we can only append a paraphrase of a former U.S. President: "Johnny, you're doing a heckuva job."


Anonymous said...

In the near future Ohioans will be experiencing the same pit of the stomach,Oh my God,what have we done apprehension that they felt after re-electing Bob Taft. After living in Ohio for all but two of my fifty-eight years, I've gleaned this bit of information:Sometimes we Buckeyes ain't none too bright.

Grumpy Abe said...

Those who have paid close attention to Kasich, from his days as the late Buz Lukens's disciple to his times as a Fox News commentator, would agree. Unfortunately, attentive politics is not for everyone even though everyone must pay the price.

Anonymous said...

It'll be hilarious watching Republicans such as John Kasich and Bill Batchelder try and pass the buck. What'll be left behind is a mass exodus due to a diminishing quality of life standards and poor . The Republicans have controlled the state senate since 1984. Prior to 2008, Republicans had control of the Ohio House since 1984. Prior to 2006, Republicans controlled the Governor's mansion since 1992. While the Republicans run against the Democrats, it seems that they have been running mostly against the policies developed and enacted by themselves. Nonetheless, they own the problems face now.