Monday, December 6, 2010

In praise of concealed weapons, fa-la-la-la-la.

DURING THE HOLIDAY season, we should all be singing the praise of State Rep. Danny R. Bubp (sic), a Republican pol from West Union , Oh. (It's not that far from Kentucky and just a short mule ride to Blue Creek , if that helps). Offering his voice to humanitarian needs, Bubp believes Buckeye citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons into saloons and restaurants that, you know, serve hard likker, even without the careful watch of Sheriff Andy Griffith or Barney Fife. He's busily seeking support from his colleagues to vote it into law. Shouldn't we all feel better that a considerate state lawmaker has the state's greatest needs in mind in these days of economic stress?

Speaking of holiday compassion, Summit Country Republican Chairman Alex Arshinkoff was quoted in the Beacon Journal's story about his Democratic counterpart Wayne Jones' struggle with Parkinson's disease. "I wish him a speedy recovery," Arshinkoff said. "That's a terrible disease. I wouldn't wish it on a dog." That wasn't quite as ill-mannered as some of the things that Alex has snorted about Jones in the past, but should he have also victimized man's best friend in a matter in which friendship between the chairmen never existed?

The latest litmus test for congressmen descending on Capitol Hill in January is said to be, Is he or she Tea Party compatible? Is that like high-definition compatibility for your TV set? Or a toxic conflict between prescriptions that could kill you, as the ads constantly remind us about
Viagra and such. Could we wire up a senator for a 30-day trial period to determine a compatibility comfort zone with a full money-back guarantee if the subject fails to satisfy Tea Party standards?


Mencken said...

Alex, there's no recovery from Parkinson's, speedy or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What else would you expect from Arshinkoff? He doesn't know any better. The man lives in a bubble. With Wayne Jones retired from Roetzel and Andress, what law firm will Arshinkoff use as a scapegoat to complain about when he doesn't get his way?

PJJinOregon said...

It seems some defenders of the "right to bear arms" aim to include small swords, aka knives, in the list of legally concealed weapons. Soon our leaders will have explosive ideas and sharp minds. Will that be better than high caliber deficit hunting and tax cuts? Dunno. 'Sounds like a big bore. On a serious note, I do wonder what will become of public safety.