Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pelosi/Alamo factor, John Kasich and Witchcraft

JUST HEARD A REPUBLICAN slamming a Democratic candidate who would be "the same as Nancy Pelosi."

Nothing unusual there. Pelosi is frequently held up in the nastiest of terms by the GOP to rally its troops without further explanation. She has become the Alamo that the other side wants you to remember. But why? Other than she is a Democratic leader and a woman, what is it about the Speaker of the House that is so alarming to her enemies? Unlike Minority leader John Boehner, a chain smoker, she has never been accused of passing out tobacco company lobbyists' money to his Republican colleagues on the House floor.

She has roiled some of the white guys across the aisle by her female toughness in rounding up the votes on health care, Wall Street reforms and other matters of importance that Republicans have summarily dismissed over the years. And she has been seen smiling frequently in contrast to Boehner's dour Dr. Doom expression. So what is it about Pelosi that finds her name affixed so conveniently to anti-Democrat assaults without telling us more? But if you do decide to tell us, I should caution you that it is a small matter to find out that you are making it up.

John Kasich, who says he finds time in his whirlwind life to read three or four books at a time, told the Dayton Daily News that he still manages to come home and "lay on the couch and graze a bit". Could he have misused the verb to avoid associating himself with "lie". On the other hand, he may well be laying some of his political eggs during his off-campaign hours.

Who could blame Delaware voters for being confused when they go to the polls this year? With Tea Party/Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell on the ballot as the contender for the U.S. Senate the voters will be required to decide which is witch! Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

On a side note, I didn't know Boehner was a smoker, let alone a chain smoker. I'd like to buy him a pack. Hell, a carton. Sort of move things along.