Thursday, October 21, 2010

CNN/TIME Poll: Ohio governor race a dead heat

THIS WEEK'S CNN /TIME poll that shows Gov. Ted Strickland moving ahead of Republican John Kasich by a nose, 48-47, is a surprising development, if true. But possibly more significant is word that the Kasich forces are getting so concerned that his earlier big lead is fading away that they called in their campaign people to Columbus for a pow-wow last Friday. At that meeting Team Kasich was said to have been told that his lead had dwindled to 2 pts in an internal poll - much too close for comfort. It wouldn't be surprising if the Kasich campaign got much nastier in the final lap before Nov. 2.


FoxNewsFan84 said...

Unfortunately, it looks like the fear mongering and scare tactics being employed by Democrats are beginning to pay dividends.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Alex is having Kasich over so much - he's going to be in town for Alex's Octoberfest event. Alex may lose his potential retirement pension. Got to keep up on Kasich-Taylor to get him his job.

Grumpy Abe said...

Oktoberfest? When? Where? By invitation only? Formal attire?

Mencken said...


Seriously, what's the trick to disabling your gag reflex when you say such asinine things?

Would you care to put forth some examples here?

FoxNewsFan84 said...


The fear mongering employed by Democrats this campaign season is well documented. The best example is Obama accusing the evil, diabolical US Chamber of Commerce of "stealing democracy" with foreign money. Thankfully media sources like the NY Times and CBS News have called the allegation unsubstantiated and an example of political scare tactics.

Here is an article discussing Obama's transition from hope to fear during this election cycle.,0,6665217.story

Anonymous said...

FoxNewsFan- "fear mongering and scare tactics"? Good God, talk about the pot calling the kettle.
FauxNews perfected the art.

Mencken said...

Can you show me a direct quote where Obama said that? But even if you could, the accusation has merit.

You read and say the words FNF84, but you don't know what they mean in the larger context of events. You look at the world through the bent straw that is fox News.

And seriously, are you so brittle that someone legitimately criticizing the Chamber of Commerce "scares" you ?