Monday, April 19, 2010

Sorry, but here's Mitch McConnell AGAIN

AFTER ALL OF THE MEAN things I've been saying about Sen. Mitch McConnell, I'm beginning to feel a twinge of sympathy for him. He continues to be trapped in Plato's cave, staring at his shadow on the wall with his back to the light. There was more evidence of his plight when he appeared on CNN Sunday to attack the Obama Administration's financial reform bill. Raising the specter of a filibuster, McConnell offered his own solution to fixing our financial mess: "We ought to go back to the drawing board." Bop!

All of the stale air in the cave has obviously affected his memory. Does he not remember that the GOP's back-to-the-drawing-board gambit failed during the health care reform debate? Maybe he does, but offhand he has no other ideas that won't make him seem so silly.


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

I love Kentucky. I love Kentuckians. Perhaps I am a tad biased on this topic. You see, my ancestry is steeped in the history of that state. Many generations of my forebears called Kentucky home. My maternal grandfather was born in 1894 on a tobacco farm in the small town of Hodgenville. He and my grandmother Loretta Doran today lie side by side in the small rural Catholic cemetery there.

That is the same town where Abraham Lincoln was born. Down the road from my family's ancestral home (which we still own by the way) is the Lincoln Marriage Cabin where Thomas Lincoln married Nancy Hanks. If you ever visit the place, check out the bronze plaque out in front. It says:

"Donated to the state of Kentucky by Walter L. Clements"

That was my grandfather. He and his father, Walter A. Clements, also donated the Lincoln Boyhood Cabin to the state of Kentucky. The land that the Lincoln family settled on was owned by my ancestors. Like my granddad (or "Paw Paw" as we called him) the Lincolns eventually moved to Indiana.

I don't think I can state it more clearly: l am just crazy about Kentucky and the nice people who live there. That being said, however, the question is just screaming to be asked:

Why do such good and decent people keep sending a flaming asshole like Mitch McConnell to Washington?

Tom Degan

Grumpy Abe said...

Dunno, Tom. You tell me. And while we're at it, you can throw in Jim Bunning, too. That way I can say I've driven through Kentucky many times and it is a lovely state - minus those two bums.