Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ohio Senate: Finally, enough is enough

NOW THAT THE Ohio Senate has persuasively (30-3!) stripped Akron Lawyer Jack Morrison of his seat on the University of Akron Board of Trustees, might he now conclude that there are times to fight and times to go quietly to your room? Ever since his convictions July 29 on two ethics charges that grew out of a real estate deal between his son and UA, his ouster seemed to be inevitable. The only question was how long would he remain on the board as he challenged the court's ruling and state officials, including Gov. Srickland, at every turn. We now know.

Not that he has quite returned to his room. He still is fighting Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's decision to remove him from the Summit County Board of Elections, where he sits as the chairman. Maybe Morrison is simply the tenacious bulldog as he has been described by others. Or maybe it was a case of political arrogance by an influential Republican activist and a generous contributor to the county party. He is, after all, GOP Chairman Alex Arshinkoff's lawyer.

Although the debacle began with a couple of misdemeanor ethics charges, it fleshed out in a nose count on the UA Board. Morrison's dismissal from the board would give the Democratic governor the windfall of an appointee, and a 5-4 Democratic majority when the next seat opens in 2010.

Political considerations? Elementary, my dear Watson. (Holmes never said that, but you get my point.)


Anonymous said...

Morrison is as good as gone from the Board of Elections as well. He signed the Secretary of State's ethics policy knowingly and willingly and free from duress. The consequence of the provisions he violated were removal. So if she said it publicly or not, he knew the consequences of his actions with his signature.

Anonymous said...

Hey Abe. Well it was about time, I still think he was stalling until the reorganization meeting and then he was going to step down and then Arshinkoff was going to put in another puppet.
It was arrogance, condescension, narcissism and extremism all wrapped up into one baloney sandwich. Alex and his group have never had a good challenge because everyone else rolled over and took his crap, no more now. Hey even though you may have different beliefs than I, I will say this; I care and have respect for you. About you my neighbors, the Democrats that live around me as well as the Republicans but we have to stop the self serving I only care about myself attitude that a lot of people have and the public sector is not a treasure trove for ones retirement account. He had this coming and tomorrow if Secretary Brunner follows through which I believe she will, we shall be rid of this slug once and for all on the Board of Elections.
Is there any chance in finding out who the 3 no votes were?
Does panic mode for some chairman sound about right?

Anonymous said...

The three "No" votes were Bill Seitz, Tim Grendell, and Gary Cates. Nineteen Republicans voted "Yes" for removal.

Grumpy Abe said...

Good heavens! With only 3 nays, not enough to muster a filibuster!

Anonymous said...

With Morrison gone at Akron U, who will protect the Teds? Is Alex still up for it?