Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another way to "take back the country"

THIS MAY SHOCK some of you, but there are moments when I find myself in partial accord with the teabaggers when they wave their signs and shout that they want their country back (from you-know-who). I, too, want my country back, not from you-know-who but rather from the congressmen who run their offices 24/7 as a federal depository for health care industry cash. It is running into the millions these days, and like that robber Willie Sutton, who found banks to be his most rewarding nest eggs of choice, the Hill people in Congress take the lobbyists' money because it is there.

So those Republicans (who are being served well in the Senate by some Democratic colleagues) who are in for the long haul to defeat reform have good reason to keep stalling. Can you imagine the hit their daily cash flow would take if they were no longer useful to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry? The K Street handouts have become so scandalously common that you have to wonder why the pols can't be a little less conspicuous about their consumption. Maybe a ham for Christmas and round-trip airfare to the world's most fashionable golf courses. They aren't the worst abuses on the planet and a little R&R for our hard-working public servants might do them and the country some good.

These guys even raised hell about mammograms , which they would never equate with prostate cancer exams! When Sen. Barbara Mikulski's amendment expanding preventive health care for women went to a vote, it passed easily with only 3 Rrepublicans crossing the aisle to support the measure. Two thirds of the Republican yeas were women, Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Do you think the lords of their manor will try to explain that one at their next women's auxiliary speech ? It was left to Mikulski to set the whole issue into the working context. She said, ever so incisively: "For many insurance companies simply being a woman is a pre-existing condition." I wish I had said that.


Anonymous said...

Abe, I don’t know if you’d consider this beside the point but here goes. I have a relative in the health care industry. She states that basically the nice little freebies have come to an end. IE pens, clocks, charts, clipboards, clips for potato chip bags and on and on. However what she and I have noticed is that the fancy restaurant steak dinners, investigative junkets to Taipei, let’s look at the oil slick in Alaska from Aleutian sound and on and on never went away. Gee, hmm, could it be that we should not hold these “servants” to a higher standard or what?
I agree there are useful dealings that Congress has to attend to but these people are awful hypocritical when it comes to standards that have to be dealt with for the good of our Country. As seen with the policy of “Ethics” the abuse there of by some individuals knows no bounds. This is being done with both sides of the isle, not just Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. I just believe that the people of this nation need to get off the couch from watching the ball games quit bitching about what’s wrong and start doing something for once.
Am I asking to much?

Grumpy Abe said...

Your point is well taken. But it would take a huge effort to get the public to connect the dots and demand that the pols on Capitol Hill stop pampering themselves with the amenities that none of us enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it would take a huge effort but does this mean civics is not taught in the schools like they used to be? Don’t know, maybe and I know the current movement that is going on is not some people’s cup of “Tea” but hopefully if it does happen it will be nice and proper.