Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The less said, the better?

THE NORMALLY loquacious John Kasich has literally been speechless on what to say about eliminating Ohio's debt. POLITICO notes that the Republican gubernatorial candidate has simply refused to give his learned insights, apparently developed while on the payroll of Lehman Brothers, on what ails the Buckeye State's budget. He has allowed from time to time that a phase-out of the state income tax would greatly help the economy. Kasich's aides say it's too early for him to be precise as a candidate because the voters wouldn't be paying attention.

So I think I'll hand out the Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy Award (GALL)to Kasich for his dismissal of reporters' questions about his remedy for dissolving the deficit. Says the candidate, ever so tersely:

"I'm not messing in that."

Well, I would agree, John, that it is a mess. And it could all be yours someday.


Anonymous said...

Since Republicans were in the game of raising unrealistic expectations on Strickland and Obama, the Democrats should turn the table. Since Kasich's answers are top secret and ultimately will resolve all of Ohio's problems when elected (so they say), the results should happen on day one of a Kasich term as governor. Since six months is too long, the appropriate one day limit should be given to Kasich to solve the education and economic issues facing the state with no whining.

Mencken said...

Ohio Dems should sink some dough into a campaign saying that they've seen Kasich's fiscal plan for Ohio and are calling it groundbreaking and brilliant. Maybe then Kasich would be forced to put up or shut up.

Kasich is holding a 6 and a 3 off suit. Time for the Dems to call.