Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buchanan (not the old prez) is deep-sixing

WOULD SOMEBODY please toss out a life raft to Pat Buchanan, the over-exposed TV-commentator who has been engaging in a non-stop rant against Sonia Sotomayor from the day her name surfaced as President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Buchanan's well deserved reputation as an anti- Hispanic, anti-Semitic writer/talker from the ranks of Richard Nixon's inner-circle has pulled him under the heavy undertow now favoring Sotomayor. He frantically gasps that she is a wicked witch who will cost white males any claims to their ruling masculinity, charging her in a Human Events column with a "lifelong resolve to discriminate against white males."

I really think his sociopathic comments on MSNBC and elsewhere may be prompted by watching Albert Pujols (eh, Domincan Republic lad) belt another one into the distant upper deck against an inferior white male pitcher. Does anybody except MSNBC and Pat's dead-enders take him that seriously anymore as the old bigot appears to be prepping for his own show on Comedy Central?


Anonymous said...

Don Imus was fired for what he said about girls on a basketball team. Pat Buchanan said every racists thing I have ever heard about Sonia Sotomayor. Do you think MSNBC will fire him? I would be surprised but pleased if they did.

Grumpy Abe said...

MSNBC has a split personality. It has some liberal voices but holds on to Buchanan to win favor from the right wing viewers and perhaps some antiques collectors. Reliable news judgment is secondary at MSNBC, as with other cable networks. It wants viewers, not authenticity from its stable. Buchanan is a perfect fit for its game plan. Might Imus have been fired because he aroused more reaction from his audience than Buchanan does today? . Pat is an over-exposed blowhard and a tiresome bigot who has become a caricature of himself. But MSNBC can point to him as its house conservative to be "fair and balanced" even though its real motives are quite transparent.